Cipriani Food Pantry

Live the Cipriani experience in your house all year round.

The Cipriani Food Pantry is a journey into our world of excellence. It's the best way to experience the Cipriani atmosphere right in your own home.

Each month, you will receive a complete selection of Cipriani Food products, respecting the seasonality of ingredients and various festivities. The assortment of products will guarantee a constant yet unique supply, making every month special. 

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Each Cipriani Food Pantry will feature Cipriani's iconic products: the Bellini (now also available in a non-alcoholic version), the artisan egg pasta (in its various forms), panettone, fugassa (typical Venetian sweet cake), sauces, durum wheat pasta, tonic waters, prosecco, still wines, Cipriani beers and more, to complete your experience and make each month a pleasant discovery.

The Cipriani Food Pantry offers three (3) subscription plans: 3, 6 or 12 months; so you can enjoy Cipriani Food products 365 days a year. You have until the last day of each month to activate your subscription and receive the Cipriani Food Pantry of the current month. In the middle of each month your pantry will be delivered to your doorstep, with no associated shipping costs.

The monthly cost is €90, but as the subscription plan progresses, you will have access to months of free Cipriani Food Pantry as follows: 

  • 3 months  
  • 6 months (5 months + 1 free)  
  • 12 months (9 months + 3 free)

    Each month the Cipriani Food Pantry will contain approximately ten (10) products, the value of the products is always higher than the value of the Pantry.



  • To receive Cipriani Food products every month in a seamless way without having to reorder them.  
  • To gain access to the exclusive world of Cipriani Food and Cipriani Drinks, and receive discounts exclusive to Cipriani Food Pantry members only.
  • To enjoy a service of excellence that puts its customers at the center of the Cipriani experience, with simplicity since 1931.

For all questions, information and assistance related to the Cipriani Food Pantry, kindly contact customer care via

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