Gift Box 1931

1931 is the date of birth of the iconic Harry’s Bar, in Venice. This is when it all began. Today, it is known worldwide as a landmark of Italian cuisine.

For this reason, the number 1931 is used as the name of our classic Gift Box, as it contains 90 years of tradition.


- Hand Wrapped Panettone Cipriani - 2.2lb or Hand Wrapped Fugassa Cipriani - 2.2lb
- Virgin Bellini Cipriani (4pc) - 6.09oz
- Cacao by Cipriani Dark Chocolate Bar
- Organic Egg Pasta Tagliarelle Cipriani - 8.82oz
- Organic Cipriani Pomod’oro - 11.99oz
- Little Salt Peanuts - 5.29oz

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