Organic Penne Cipriani

Weight: 500 g / 17.64 oz

Cipriani's Penne embodies the pinnacle of pasta excellence, crafted with precision and tradition. These short, hollow tubes, expertly manufactured from the finest durum wheat semolina, represent a testament to pasta perfection in every bite.

The term 'penne' translates from Italian as 'quills,' signifying its tubular shape with a diagonal cut at each end. Cipriani's dedication to quality is evident in their adherence to traditional production methods. This technique creates a textured surface on the pasta, allowing it to embrace sauces impeccably and deliver a delightful burst of flavors in every mouthful.

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Internationally renowned, Cipriani's Hard Durum Wheat Penne has earned acclaim for its superior quality, efficient cooking time, and adaptability to diverse flavor profiles. It stands tall as an epitome of pasta craftsmanship, offering an exceptional dining experience cherished by enthusiasts of Italian cuisine worldwide.

Organic durum wheat semolina.
36 months
Product Infos
Free from: Organic
Made In Italy
Nutritional Values
Carbs: 73.1g
Energy kCal: 362kCal
Energy kj: 1534kJ
Fats: 1.5g
Fibers: 2.9g
Proteins: 12.5g
Salt: 0.01g
SatFats: 0.3g
Sugars: 2.9g

The Traditional Recipes

Penne with Tomato Sauce

Penne at Pomodoro is one of those basic recipes that every Italian restaurant should be able to do well. In fact, you can use the dish to judge a restaurant: Do they use a good brand of pasta? Do they cook it well — neither undercooked nor overcooked? Do they cook it to order? Is the tomato sauce fresh? Are the butter, oil, and cheese good? Unless all the answers are yes, forget about the restaurant!

For this dish you can use any pasta, any shape, white or green, with or without egg. If you’re using dried egg pasta, you will need 3/4 pound (330g).


  • 1 recipe Fresh Tomato Sauce with Basil
  • 1 pound of Penne (450g)
  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, softened (15g)
  • 1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese (65g) plus extra to pass at the table
  • 6 fresh basil leaves for garnish

Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

Prepare the tomato sauce in a large skillet and keep it warm over low heat. Salt the boiling water, add the spaghetti, and cook for about 8 minutes or until al dente. Drain well in a colander and add the spaghetti to the skillet along with the softened butter and Parmesan cheese. Toss well to combine. Put the spaghetti on a heated platter and garnish with the whole basil leaves. Pass around a small bowl of grated Parmesan cheese.

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