Red Wine Vinegar Cipriani

Weight: 500 ml / 16.91 oz

Cipriani's Red Wine Vinegar is a hallmark of quality, crafted through the fermentation of high-quality Barbera Piemonte wine. This vinegar, boasting a residual alcohol content of approximately 1.5%, amplifies both its aroma and fragrance, and any possible sedimentation serves as a mark of its authenticity.

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Derived from Piedmontese wines and meticulously produced in the cellars of La Loggia, a village situated in the southern area of Turin, this vinegar embodies clarity and brilliance, showcasing a ruby-red color with subtle orange undertones.

Its distinctive aroma exudes acidity, carrying characteristic notes of Barbera wine. The taste profile is defined by a pleasant acidity, a full-bodied nature, and a purity untainted by extraneous flavors. Each drop of this vinegar reflects the dedication to quality and tradition synonymous with Cipriani's commitment to excellence.

Red wine, antioxidant E220.
Product Infos
Made In Italy
Nutritional Values
Carbs: 0.5g
Energy kCal: 25kCal
Energy kj: 3389kJ
Fats: 0g
Fibers: 0g
Proteins: 0.05g
Salt: 0.04g
SatFats: 0g
Sugars: 0.5g

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