Strawberry Jam Cipriani

Weight: 212 g / 7.48 oz

Dark red color typical of the fruit. Sweet taste, but slightly sour. Scent type of summer fruit.

Strawberries are harvested at the right point of ripeness and processed after a few hours. The "open-air" processing method, simply cooked in a pot with the sole addition of sugar
of cane. We thus obtain a product that enhances the flavor of the fruit used and with the artisan characteristics that only our mothers can match.

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Variety: Strawberries (Fragaria vesca) with a good caloric content due to the high sugar content, an excellent source of vitamin C. Brown sugar. 5,82 oz of fresh strawberries for the production of 3,52 oz of jam.

Info on the territory
Climatic context of the harvest: dry. Harvest date: July / August. Type of harvest: manual.

Strawberry, Brown Sugar
36 months
Product Infos
Free from: GlutenFree, Vegetarians, Vegan, LactoseFree, MilkFree
Made In Italy
Nutritional Values
Carbs: 53
Energy kCal: 219
Energy kj: 920
Proteins: 0.9
Salt: 0.1
Sugars: 48

The Traditional Recipes

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