The Valorisation

Venice is inextricably linked to water, to its lagoon. As witnessed every year by the Doge's marriage to the sea, celebrated on the day of the Sensa, sanctioning the eternal bond between the earthly element and the maritime one, a known constituent of the Serenissima.

This vocation, however, has always been accompanied by constant attention and innovation in the themes of respect for the ecosystem, coexistence with the difficulties of a maritime territory and, above all, the management of complex internal and external mobility. An approach that must be renewed and firmly positioned as one of the pillars of future Venice.

Cipriani is not only hospitality and catering, but a constant quest for excellence in the entire food chain. The concept of luxury according to Cipriani is the offer of the best and not the superfluous; Cipriani means the search for quality without compromise and in this context, Cipriani has extended its activities both to the field of agriculture and to the agri-food industry.

In order to put into practice the experience gained over many years of family-run catering, in the eighties, Arrigo Cipriani decided to set up a pasta factory for the production of egg pasta using the same method with which pasta had been made at home, since 1931. Cipriani Industria, based in Meolo (VE), produces a pasta that is considered among the best in Italy and the world.

Always striving for improvement, the pasta factory has also been joined in recent years by a Cipriani dairy, which was awarded first prize at Caseus Veneti 2020 and 2021, for the best buffalo mozzarella in the Veneto region, as well as the cultivation of 'violetto' artichokes on the family estate in Torcello, which represents the exaltation of excellence, in the Veneto tradition.

The menus offered by Cipriani always feature dishes that faithfully reproduce the taste and tradition of Veneto and Italy, the great classics of Cipriani cuisine such as Carpaccio (invented by Giuseppe Cipriani in the 1950s in honour of Vittore Carpaccio and made famous throughout the world; note how the birth of this dish is mentioned at Harry's Bar in the Brera Art Gallery under a painting by the great painter), tagliolini gratinati al prosciutto, fegato alla veneziana, tripe alla parmigiana, homemade ravioli scampi with curry and rice pilaf and many more, not forgetting the legendary desserts and cocktails invented by Cipriani (not least the Bellini also mentioned in the Brera Art Gallery with a caption under a painting by the Renaissance painter that reads: "In 1945 freedom exploded into the world and freed souls from the tragedy of war. In 1949 Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry's Bar in Venice, in honour of peace, created a drink that combined the freshness and colour of peaches with the liveliness of sparkling wine. At the time, there was an exhibition of Giambellino's work at the Doge's Palace. Giuseppe thought of associating the name of the drink with the immortal fame of the great painter. He called it Bellini, which continues to celebrate art and freedom".

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