Bellini Zero Cipriani - Alcohol Free

Weight: 750 ml / 25.36 oz

Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Bellini, now alcohol-free with Bellini Zero Cipriani.

A non-alcoholic masterpiece that captures the essence of refined indulgence. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Bellini has long been a symbol of sophistication and refined taste. Now, Cipriani is proud to introduce Bellini Zero, an alcohol-free reimagination of this iconic cocktail that allows everyone to experience its timeless elegance. 

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A versatile delight.
With Cipriani Bellini Zero, the possibilities are endless. Experiment with different ratios of Bellini Zero and Prosecco to find your ideal Bellini and live your Harry’s Bar experience with your family and friends. The world of mixology is your oyster.

Unleash your creativity.
Whether you prefer to savor its exquisite peach flavor on its own or use it as a base to create your own personalized Bellini, Cipriani Bellini Zero offers an unparalleled level of versatility. For those who enjoy the classic Bellini experience, simply pour in our Bellini glass and garnish with a fresh peach slice. For those who prefer a more customized approach, use Bellini Zero as a base and add your desired amount of Prosecco, Champagne or other preferred Spirits to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness, fizz and exclusivity. Experience the Bellini like never before. 

Water, Grape must (35%) (Sulphites), White peach purée (20%), Concentrated white peach juice, Carbon dioxide, Acidity regulators: E330, Thikeners: E440, E415, Preservatives: E202, E211,E242, Natural Flavors, Antioxidant: E224, E300 Dye: E120, E160a.
18 months
Product Infos
Made In Italy
Nutritional Values
Carbs: 9.1
Energy kCal: 43
Energy kj: 181
Fats: <0.5
Fibers: 0.5
Proteins: <0.5
Salt: <0.01
SatFats: <0.1

The Traditional Recipes

In the bygone era of glamorous cocktail soirées, crafting the perfect Bellini was an exclusive ritual. A dedicated artisan spent his days meticulously hand-selecting the finest white peaches, their pale flesh belying the symphony of flavour within. Each peach was then halved and meticulously pitted before undergoing the ultimate test – a gentle squeezing by hand to release its precious essence.

This ambrosia, a cascade of juice and pulp, was then meticulously strained through a chinois, a conical sieve woven from the finest mesh. Only then did it transform into the rose-hued elixir that would become the heart of the Bellini. This exquisite nectar was then united with Prosecco, the Italian royalty of sparkling wines, hailing from the hallowed grounds of Treviso.

To achieve true Bellini bliss, seek out the legendary Bellini Zero Cipriani, the pinnacle of peach perfection. In a chilled Bellini Glass (SHOP HERE), combine it with very cold, dry Prosecco in a secret ratio – one-third Prosecco and two-thirds Bellini Zero Cipriani for each heavenly creation. And so, the Bellini is reborn, a testament to both timeless elegance and the enduring allure of exclusivity.

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