Our Philosophy

The intangible is what makes an object, a gesture, or an action particular and qualitatively determined. It is the metaphysical content of all human experience and the profound mystery that separates something extraordinary from something mediocre.

There is spirit and there are things

Imagine a world of only objects

A world of motionless instruments

A restaurant made only of tables and chairs

A large empty theatre

A deserted square in summer

We have no choice but to ask for man's help

Man's service to give life to things

We will demand that man shows us

His stupendous capacity

We will observe with great attention


The small nuances of the quality of his service

Will measure without error the degrees of his intelligence.

They will tell us without deception

The value of his spirituality


To serve is to love.

According to Arrigo Cipriani's philosophy, it is not important to be mentioned in famous gastronomic guides or to obtain favourable reviews from improvised critics who relate opinions and experiences on the web in complete anonymity. What is important is to welcome and serve customers with love and dedication, making them feel at ease and giving them a unique experience, something that counts today more than ever to differentiate oneself and to leave a mark on the consumer who will thus be stimulated to return to repeat the experience.

At Harry's Bar, this has been happening since 1931, which is why even the most prestigious and famous customers have become regulars. 

Knowing how to serve the customer with love at all stages of the experience, from the welcome to the farewell, is the guarantee of success. Knowing how to listen to and observe customers, one learns their tastes and notices their eating habits, mannerisms, and table etiquette that characterizes them.

This is what has always happened at Harry's Bar and in Cipriani's restaurants around the world, where the customer perceives love in the service and feels pampered. And this kind of service is only achieved thanks to the human being; no machine will ever be able to replace human service.

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