A Legacy Steeped in Venetian Excellence

Venice, a city inextricably bound to the water, its very essence woven from the threads of the lagoon. This timeless union, annually celebrated during the Sensa festival with the Doge's symbolic marriage to the sea, underscores the enduring connection between the earthly realm and the maritime heart of the Serenissima Republic.

This unique relationship has fostered a culture of constant vigilance and innovation. Venetians have long championed respect for the ecosystem, coexisting with the challenges of a maritime environment, and mastering the intricate dance of internal and external movement within the city. As Venice looks to the future, these values must be revitalized and positioned as the cornerstones of a renewed city.

Cipriani embodies more than just hospitality and exquisite dining; it represents an unwavering pursuit of excellence throughout the entire culinary tapestry. True luxury, according to Cipriani, lies in offering the very best, not the excessive. It signifies an unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality. This philosophy extends beyond the restaurant walls, encompassing both agriculture and the broader food industry.

Driven by generations of family experience in catering, Arrigo Cipriani established a pasta factory in the 1980s. Inspired by the time-honored traditions of home cooking practiced since 1931, Cipriani Industria, nestled in Meolo (VE), crafts egg pasta revered as some of the finest in Italy, and indeed, the world.

The pursuit of excellence continues. In recent years, Cipriani has welcomed a cherished addition: a dairy, recognized as the producer of the Veneto region's finest buffalo mozzarella at the Caseus Veneti 2020 and 2021 competitions. The Cipriani family estate in Torcello further exemplifies this dedication to cultivating the extraordinary, with its production of the esteemed 'violetto' artichoke, a true testament to Venetian culinary heritage.

Cipriani menus remain a faithful reflection of Venetian and Italian flavors, showcasing timeless classics. The legendary Carpaccio, a culinary masterpiece created by Giuseppe Cipriani in the 1950s to honor Vittore Carpaccio, stands as a prime example. This iconic dish, born within the walls of Harry's Bar, is forever immortalized in the Brera Art Gallery, displayed beneath a painting by the great artist himself. Tagliolini gratinati al prosciutto, fegato alla veneziana, tripe alla parmigiana – these culinary treasures, alongside house-made ravioli scampi with curry and rice pilaf, and a symphony of legendary Cipriani desserts and cocktails, including the famed Bellini, also celebrated in the Brera with a caption beneath a Renaissance masterpiece – all weave a tale of unparalleled Venetian culinary artistry. "In 1945 freedom exploded into the world and freed souls from the tragedy of war. In 1949 Giuseppe Cipriani at Harry's Bar in Venice, in honour of peace, created a drink that combined the freshness and colour of peaches with the liveliness of sparkling wine. At the time, there was an exhibition of Giambellino's work at the Doge's Palace. Giuseppe thought of associating the name of the drink with the immortal fame of the great painter. He called it Bellini, which continues to celebrate art and freedom".

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