Gift Box Dolci

Please note that the Gift Box Dolci is only available with the Cipriani green box - Black box is currently out of stock. 

A complete experience starting from appetizer and ending with dessert.

The ‘Dolci’ Gift Box is a journey through Cipriani restaurant flavors, it gives you the opportunity to taste all the best Cipriani Food products.


- Hand Wrapped Panettone Cipriani - 2.2lb
- Virgin Bellini Cipriani (4pc) - 6.09oz
- Cacao by Cipriani Chocolate Box (16pc)
- Cacao by Cipriani Chocolate Bar Trio
- Cacao by Cipriani Milk Chocolate Bar 
- Cacao by Cipriani Dark Chocolate Bar 
- Organic Egg Pasta Pappardelle Cipriani - 8.82oz
- Organic Egg Pasta Tagliolini Cipriani with Spinach - 8.82oz
- Delicata Egg Pasta Tagliolini Cipriani - 8.82oz
- Organic Egg Pasta Tagliardi Cipriani - 8.82oz
- Organic Spaghetti Cipriani - 17.64oz
- Organic Rigatoni Cipriani - 17.64oz
- Organic Pesto Cipriani - 6.35oz
- Organic Cipriani Sansovina - 11.99oz
- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16.91oz
- Red Wine Vinegar Cipriani - 16.91oz
- Harry’s Indian Tonic Water (4pc)
- Apricot Jam Cipriani - 7.48oz
- Strawberry Jam Cipriani - 7.48oz
- Billberry Jam Cipriani - 7.48oz
- Harry’s Bar Cookbook

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Please note that given the high demand some of the products displayed might not be always available. They will be replaced by another Cipriani Food product of the same or higher value to still guarantee the best experience to you and your beloved ones.

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